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Safe internet and top internet threats for young people

Kids these days have become internet natives. They’ve actually grown up with the web and they probably don’t have any idea about what was life like without its presence. In reality, they tend to learn to use a mouse or a touchscreen before they can even read or write completely, and tend to become experts who navigate around websites and apps effortlessly.

Children need internet and for good reasons. Unquestionably, the majority of the internet is an amazing resource of knowledge for kids. From watching educational videos, using Wikipedia to get help for projects or homework, to listening to their favorite music – they can get hugely benefitted from the web. But you’ve to focus on creating a safe web experience for your kid as there’re lots of sites that you hardly want your child to go anywhere near to.

While installing advanced internet security software or app on your computer or smartphone is immensely crucial, there’re other things as well that you’d need to take care of, to create safe internet experience. Here’re some key steps to attain that.

  • Good passcode management: Teach the kids the basic things first like they need to use different passwords for different accounts and to use phrases that bring more security than words.
  • Keep an eye on telltale signs: Follow your kids’ behavior to look for unusual behavior or secretive use of the internet. If you find anything disturbing, talk to them first before considering any professional help.
  • Set clear communication: Parents often feel extremely uncomfortable when it comes to talking about any inappropriate web content with their kids. You should try to create an environment where the kid doesn’t feel awkward or embarrassed asking questions. You should tell your child why it’s inappropriate, or else, s/he will become more reserved and will tend to hide it away from you.

With increasingly common presence of digital devices among children, they’re becoming more and more exposed to a hostile environment. Unfortunately, many parents fail to fully realize the dangers and hence, fail to take the preventive measures we discussed above. Here’s a quick rundown of today’s biggest cyber threats for young minds.

  • Cyberbullying: Unlike old-school bullying that relied on verbal harassment or physical intimidation, cyberbullying helps bullies remain anonymous. The effects can remain permanent when the incidents are posted on online platforms. Unlike traditional bullying, cyberbullying follows children home and even more.
  • Posting private information: By nature, kids don’t understand social boundaries and thus, they may post private information online. These contents can be anything from personal pictures taken at home to images of their home address. It can lead to severe hazards if seen by people with malicious intent.
  • Sexual solicitation: Exposure to sexual solicitation has become one of the biggest concerns for parents when giving kids online access. Aggressive sexual solicitation can come in different forms – from physical gifts, and emails to different online outlets.

Today is the time when every parent should start considering the possible consequences of exposure to cyber threats for their kids. It’s also become evident to undertake preventive measures through the best way possible to ensure the impressionable minds are safe during their online sessions.