This site was originally setup as the main Reef related web site for Steve Tyree. Steve had been selling imported and captive grown reef corals along with self published books and CD's. The web site was originanly meant to be a commerce related site and a site detailing some of the research Steve had been doing. This meant the site was a strange combination of sales and research that had a strange name, but it has served its purpose. While selling corals from this site Steve was able to fund research into a new cryptic organism based natural filtration method. The company Reeffarmers was originally a division within Dynamic Ecomorphology and its first web pages were hosted within this DE web site. Reeffarmers specializes in selling captive grown corals and has become so successful that the division became a standalone company with its own web site. Steve Tyree moved almost all captive grown reef sales to the Reeffarmers web site in late 2003. Imported coral colonies were still sold through this web site until the summer of 2004. At that time Steve decided to completely stop selling whole imported coral colonies. Steve sells all captive farmed organisms now through Reeffarmers. See link below. He still sells some farmed cryptic animals here. This web site now primarily contains the following information: DE Publishing (which sells self-published books and CD's by Steve Tyree); Environmental Gradient Research (which describes Steve's research on natural filtration cryptic organisms); and Information about Steve Tyree. We will eventually split this web site into three distinct separate web sites and retire this site. Those three new web sites will be about Steve's natural cryptic filtration research; DE Publishing which will eventually have a new name; and possibly a third site about Steve Tyree.

For Captive Farmed and Cultured Reef Organisms
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Old School Reef Closeup
Old School Captive System
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