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Kodi: does this open source TV app inspire copyright panic?

You may have heard or even used some of the more popular streaming apps currently in existence.  Media streaming, the process of accessing movies and other entertainment through your computer connection, is becoming the most common way of staying up to date with your favorite shows.  This is mainly because it is convenient; you can access and watch the shows you want to, when you want to.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is simply one of the streaming services you can choose.  However, it is designed to be open source software.  This means it can be shared and edited by anyone without any copyright issues.  The fact that the software is offered for free has helped to make it extremely popular.

Kodi is a perfect example of an open source program which has evolved. The original intent was to create an Xbox streaming system.  However, it has become a service which can be integrated with virtually any product.  There have, to date, been in excess of five hundred developers who have all added pieces to the software.

Copyright Issues

Kodi has threatened to create a copyright panic within the entertainment industry.  This is because there is a legal case currently underway which is looking at the legality of Kodi being fitted to free view boxes.  To be more accurate, the Kodi app can turn any device into a digital TV box and allow TV, movies and even music videos to be watched on your TV, computer or smart phone.

The fact that it is open source means that it is constantly being modified and improved to allow access to a wide range of material.

Legal issues

There have been many debates regarding the legality of Kodi.  As the software firm says, Kodi is a legal app in the same way as any browser or other streaming service.  However the fact that it is open source means that some of the add-ons which have been created are borderline.  This means that the legality of using Kodi is a little blurry.  Yes, you can download it and install it and then use it in its original form.  However, as soon as you stream TV, movies and even music for free you are in danger of breaking copyright laws.

Unfortunately your internet service provider will be able to tell whether you are downloading information through Kodi and, if you are accessing this type of material for free they are entitled to charge you with copyright infringement.

In fact, as Kodi has started to enjoy more publicity and even notoriety there has been an increase in the attention given by all the copyright watchdogs.  They will monitor and track your online activity if they know you are a Kodi user and have illegally accessed any TV or movies.


It is also worth noting that because Kodi is open source, it is more vulnerable to hackers.  This means you need to be extremely vigilant when downloading or using Kodi.  You may be inadvertently inviting a hacker onto your computer!


Kodi is a well designed platform which allows you to stream a variety of programs directly to the device of your choice.  Providing you have a paid subscription to the streaming service you are not breaking any laws.

However the reason there has been such widespread concern and panic from the copyright industry is that many users have chosen to access Kodi anonymously.  The most popular way of doing this is by setting up a Virtual Private network, (VPN).  This allows you to move round the internet without them being able to track you back to your computer.  They will only be able to identify the server you are using; it will be shared with hundreds of other users.

Kodi is a copyright nightmare for those who wish to protect copyright laws; but, in its original form it is a legal product.  Whether you choose to use this product or not you should consider taking the appropriate precautions to ensure you remain within the law and safe online.